Chase Jarvis on Increasing Creativity, Life Transitions, and Doing Work You Love

chase jarvis

We all go through various transitions in our careers and our lives. Some are small such as moving to a new city, and some are life-changing such as changing your entire career.

If there’s anyone I’ve met who has experienced more transitions in their lives, it’s our guest today: Chase Jarvis.

After getting a B.A in Philosophy on a soccer scholarship, Chase planned on attending medical school post-graduation.
But a few weeks after graduating, Chase’s grandfather passed away and left all of his photography equipment, which led Chase to take a trip to Europe, beginning his journey of pursuing photography.

Upon his return, Chase enrolled into a Master’s and PhD program in Philosophy and Art, then quit a year after to start his own photography studio.

Fast forward to today, Chase has worked with Apple, Nike, Lady Gaga, Redbull, Honda, and some of the largest brands around the world, and his photography sells for all the way up to $50,000 per photo.


When Chase isn’t traveling around the world shooting photography, he’s the CEO of, an online learning platform with over 2 million students in 200+ countries. They bring on world-class teachers, from international best-selling authors, to Pulitzer prize winners, and more.

I also owe a great amount of gratitude to Chase, as he was one of the few who inspired me to start #SKIMLive, and share inspiring stories through this wonderful medium of podcasting.

I’m honored to be introducing you to the one and only Chase Jarvis.

Let’s get into the show!

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p.s – If you haven’t checked out Chase Jarvis LIVE, here’s an episode you can watch with Adrian Grenier (from Entourage):

Highlights of the Episode

  • Chase’s personal story and the multiple transitions he faced in his life
  • How he rose above the competitive field of photography
  • His take on why being a freelancer is no different than being a CEO
  • How you can find inspiration and creativity to do disruptive work
  • His 3 success principles to focus on to succeed in whatever career path you take
  • The importance of quitting projects and when to quit
  • Why you should work on more than one project
  • Chase’s morning routine to be more creative throughout his day

Links Mentioned in the Episode

Chase’s Quote of the Episode

“If you’re operating on the status quo, you’re playing around a certain set of rules made up by people who know only a little bit more than you do.” -Chase Jarvis

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