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how to overcome haters

How Timothy Sykes Deals With Negative People In His Business

Do you have negative people in your life or business? I sure do. In fact, haters can be an asset if you know how to prove them wrong. This is exactly what Tim did.Timothy Sykes is on the show with us today to talk about his experience of having to deal with haters in a […]
jason fried: create a business you love

How Jason Fried Built One of the Most Profitable Businesses Online

Want to create a successful business? I was pumped to not only launch the birth of The Growth Academy, but to have one of my role models come on the show to share his knowledge with us. This is a gem for all the young aspiring entrepreneurs out there that are thinking of working on […]
personal branding

Dan Schawbel on Personal Branding and How to Brand Yourself

In the rising realm of social media and the increasing irrelevance of resumes, personal branding online is essential to stand out and succeed professionally. But how do we build our brand, while instilling value, loyalty and most importantly trust with our audience? To get deeper into the topic, I spoke with Dan Schawbel, who is a Managing Partner of […]
life lessons failure

10 Life Lessons Learned From Failure

Failing sucks. But it happens to all of us. A few months ago, I made the decision to step away from my business. The business that I dropped out of school for didn’t take off as the media outlets convinced me it would. Not only did it leave me with an unsuccessful business, it left me unemployed, broke, […]