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How to Captivate Anyone You Meet with Vanessa Van Edwards

Have you ever wanted to become more memorable? Whether it’s a job interview, networking event, or even a first date, it’s a skill we must have in order to be successful in life. Most of us have been taught that social skills is a soft skill or rather an art that some people are born […]
gillian zoe segal

How to Network with Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg, and Meet Anyone You Want

What if you could meet anyone you want in the world? How would that change your life? Who would you want to meet? These are the questions our guest Gillian Zoe Segal asked herself before she started her journey to connect in-person with 30 of the most successful leaders in their respective industries. Names include: […]
simple pickup

How You Can Build a Massive Audience From Scratch [Plus Giveaway]

If you’ve spent some time browsing around Youtube, you’ve probably heard of Simple Pickup. The channel that started with 3 random guys in their early twenties, going up to random girls on the streets. They’re well-known for their incredibly original and out-of-the-box skits, such as being on wheelchairs, dressing up as harry potter, and wearing […]