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How Jason Fried Built One of the Most Profitable Businesses Online

Want to create a successful business? I was pumped to not only launch the birth of The Growth Academy, but to have one of my role models come on the show to share his knowledge with us. This is a gem for all the young aspiring entrepreneurs out there that are thinking of working on […]

5 Ways to Overcome the Creative Process

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” ― Maya Angelou It’s 11pm on a Wednesday night. You’ve been digging away for the past six hours and this might be your best work yet. You’re so close to breaking through — then you hit a wall. There’s not a single drop of […]

7 Essential Steps to Start Up Your Business

Starting a business can be a scary thing. You give up the stability (albeit perceived) of a steady income with benefits. You put your career on hold. You sacrifice significant time and energy for the first several years just to get up to your former corporate salary. You enter a risky area where most people fail within […]
lifestyle entrepreneur

Rise of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Apple, Facebook, Dell. We’ve all heard of the billion-dollar technology companies that were created fromcollege dorm rooms. These young, hipster entrepreneurs seems to be where all the attention is focused on, especially with the release of Hollywood movies, such as The Social Network and Jobs. But there’s been a rise of a new — and dare I say, modern type of entrepreneur that […]