What Does Your Perfect Day Look Like?


I recently had the opportunity to join a Mastermind of some amazing people, organized by Lewis Howes.

The core purpose of joining this community is to accelerate my goal to create a business around my lifestyle, not a lifestyle around my business. Although we have just begun, it’s been an honor to be surrounded by a group of outstanding individuals with common values, goals, and passions to help motivate me in this journey.

In our first week, we were asked a simple (yet difficult to answer) question:
If you could design the perfect day in your life, what would it look like? How would it feel? Who would you be with? 

At first, it seems like an easy question to answer. I think many of us have similar answers to share on a high-level: we all want happiness, fulfillment, love, and gratification. But getting into the details is where things get complicated because having the ability to design our perfect day is a fantasy we casually dream about, not something we think we can realistically achieve.

This exercise has shifted the way I priortize what’s important to me. In order to build a business around our lifestyles – we need to define what the ideal version of our lifestyle is. From there, it’s easy to reverse engineer the core components we need in order to achieve the lifestyle we desire, such as what type of business you want to build, how much money you want to make, and who the people you want to surround yourself with are.

Unfortunately, most people in our society have the reverse mindset of determining what type of lifestyle they need to have in order to satisfy their career or business.


Without further ado, here’s the answer I wrote describing what my perfect day would look like:



7:00am – Wake up and meditate for 15 minutes

7:15am – Grab a healthy, green breakfast

7:30am – Go surfing on the beach and watch the sun rise.

8:30am – Sit on my balcony outside with a cup of latte, and connect with my team (virtually) to grow my passion projects

12:00pm – Go for lunch with my closest friends or my girlfriend

lunch in buenos aires

1:00pm – Go to a park near by to practice photography or read a book

2:00pm – Perform interviews for The Growth Academy & finish off work for the day

4:00pm – Have a call with my mentor(s) on struggles, lessons, and next steps in my businesses

6:00pm – Cook and eat a healthy dinner at home with red wine, watching the sunset

8:00pm – Go salsa dancing or an entertainment show with close friends

Trying out tango in Buenos Aires. Not easy!

10:00pm – Come home, and work on my book listening to electronic & jazz music (recommendation: bakermat & klangkarussell)

11:30pm – Take a hot bath, listening to an audio book

12:00am – Go to bed next to the love of my life


Ultimately, what I learned after doing this exercise is that there are simple things I could change in my life now that can help me get closer to my perfect day. There are activities that I added that I would need to heavily improve (I suck at surfing), but at least now I have a goal to work towards.

I certainly don’t expect everyday to follow this format, nor would I want it to. I’ve had days where I worked 12 hours straight, and it felt amazing because of the progress I made, and I’ve had days where I didn’t work at all.  Routine has never been my cup of tea, but for some of you it may be different. The point is, you need to define what YOUR idea of a perfect day is, not anyone elses.

I challenge each of you to design and write down what your perfect day would look like, and share below!

Look forward to reading them.



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