Tucker Max on How to Write a Best Seller Book That Gets Read By Millions

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I’ve learned a lot from the 20 amazing guests we’ve had on the show so far.

The most successful people seem to be the ones who don’t shy away from failure, aren’t afraid to do what they love, and strive for continuous growth, no matter how successful they become.

Tucker Max, author of New York Times’ #1 bestselling book: I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, is no stranger to failure, or success. After graduating law school he went on to become a lawyer and was fired from his first job. He then went on to work for the family business, and was fired again.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that what eventually brought Tucker great success and purpose in his life was doing what he loved to do and was great at— writing. More specifically, writing about the crazy adventures he had with his friends in his 20’s.

Tucker has sold millions of books to date, making the Best Sellers List every year from 2006 to 2012, and is one of the only three authors (Malcolm Gladwell and Michael Lewis) in the world to have had three books on the New York Times Best Selling List at the same time.

Years later, Tucker continues to evolve and grow. He recently began a new company: Book in A Box. It aims to solve the problem of the people with a message to share, who don’t have the time to create a book,  nor deal with the hassles of publishing. As Tucker says: “Great products provide real value to the people who are using it or buying it.”

In today’s podcast Tucker shares the secrets to great marketing, creating a product that will sell millions, and building a personal brand that is genuine.

Let’s bring on Tucker Max on!

What we talk about

  • Top marketing strategies that Tucker has learned from decades of experience consulting for world-class brands and influencers, and from his own experience of selling millions of books
  • The difference between traditional publishing and self-publishing (and the pro’s and con’s for each)
  • The three types of people who should go with traditional publishing as opposed to self-publishing
  • Why the word “personal brand” is bullshit, and how you should approach it instead
  • How to have people take you more seriously
  • Two fundmanetal factors that make a product great and talked about

Topics discussed

  • Online Marketing
  • Writing
  • Books
  • Personal Branding

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