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How to Build Your Lean Startup Faster with Eric Ries

Subscribe to #SKIMLive on iTunes Subscribe to #SKIMLive on Stitcher Sponsors Get a FREE Audiobook today and choose from over 180,000+ books that are available for you.    Head over to If you’re interested in startups or an entrepreneur yourself, you’ve probably heard of Eric Ries. After founding his company IMVU, a 3D […]
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jairek robbins

How to 10X Your Life and Leverage Fear to Get What You Want

If you want to achieve more in your life, business, and relationships, and set a vision for your life that gets you ecstatic to wake up each morning – meet Jairek Robbins. Jairek is an author, speaker, results coach (and a really really awesome guy – listen to the episode to get this joke), and […]
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How to Build Your Personal Brand From Scratch with Neil Patel

Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes Subscribe to the podcast on Stitcher With no resources, experience, nor connections, Neil Patel started his entrepreneurship career at the age of 15, while he was still in highschool. While his first venture (a replica of the Monster job board website) failed, Neil kept going and built more businesses. Since then, […]
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pencils of promise

Adam Braun: Leaving a Fortune 500 Company to Changing the World

Adam Braun went on an adventure of his lifetime in his early twenties to realize his dream pursuit. When he asked a little boy if he could have anything he ever wanted, the little boy responded with “a pencil.” It forever changed Adam’s life, and Pencils of Promise was born. Today, the PoP organization serves […]
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scott dinsmore

How to Find Your Passion and Do Work You Love

Are you doing the work you love? The type of work that fulfills you and gives you a sense of purpose? This is what Scott Dinsmore is here to talk to us about today. In case you haven’t seen Scott’s TED Talk yet (over 2M views!), this will give you the context of why Scott’s […]
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