Getting to a Billion and Taking on Goliaths – Anthony Lacavera

Anthony Lacavera (@AnthonyLacavera) is the founder and former CEO of Wind Mobile (now Freedom mobile), with over 1M subscribers across Canada. He’s also the Chairman of the Globalive Group (parent company of Wind), a venture capitalist, and author of How We Can Win. In 2015, he sold his company to Shaw Communications for a cool $1.3 […]
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jason fried: create a business you love

How to Build a Company That Leaves a Legacy with Jason Fried

Want to create a successful business that leaves a legacy? This is a gem for all the young aspiring entrepreneurs out there that are thinking of working on a startup or already in the process. With the hype of all the apps raising millions of dollars and being sold for billions of dollars, it’s tempting […]
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Lewis Howes on Unmasking the Mask of Masculinity We Put On

Very excited to be sharing this interview with you today. Lewis has an inspiring story that I think will resonate and inspire many of you reading this. If you haven’t heard of Lewis’s story, we’ll do a quick recap. After a severe injury playing professional football, Lewis was sleeping on his sister’s couch at the […]
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Steve Aoki on Keys to Success, Racism, and Future Technology

“I’m on a tight rope, on a windy day, above two buildings. But I’m an experienced tight rope walker.” Steve Aoki (@SteveAoki) is one of the most globally recognized artists in the world. He was nominated twice for the Grammy awards, is a savvy music executive of Dim Mak Records, and was listed on Forbes as one […]
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