Lewis Howes on Unmasking the Mask of Masculinity We Put On

Very excited to be sharing this interview with you today. Lewis has an inspiring story that I think will resonate and inspire many of you reading this. If you haven’t heard of Lewis’s story, we’ll do a quick recap. After a severe injury playing professional football, Lewis was sleeping on his sister’s couch at the […]
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Steve Aoki on Keys to Success, Racism, and Future Technology

“I’m on a tight rope, on a windy day, above two buildings. But I’m an experienced tight rope walker.” Steve Aoki (@SteveAoki) is one of the most globally recognized artists in the world. He was nominated twice for the Grammy awards, is a savvy music executive of Dim Mak Records, and was listed on Forbes as one […]
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Kaia Roman on The Proven Steps to Lead a Happier Life That Lasts

Much like some of you, when I hear the word ‘happiness’ in a book, it feels ‘fluffy’ to me. But I had a different experience with Kaia. In this episode, Kaia Roman shares research-backed tactics on how to lead a happier life that’s actually sustainable. As you’ll hear in the conversation, she brought research-backed studies […]
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Charlamagne Tha God on How to Stop Caring What Other People Think

Charlamagne Tha God, also known as the “Prince of pissing people off” is in the house today. Controversial is the likely the first thing most people think of when Charlamagne’s name comes up. But authenticity and honesty are what I believe is underneath it all. Shortly after being released from prison for dealing, Charlamagne found his […]
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