Meet the College Dropout that Created Multi-Million Dollar Businesses

Pejman Ghadhimi

Building a profitable business is tough.

Not only is it tough, but it’s statistically known that odds are against your favor as 1/10 businesses don’t make it in the first 5 years.

Most of you know this, and so did our guest today: Pejman Ghadimi.

Pejman came into the United States as an immigrant and had to climb through several ropes to get his first job.

Yet, it didn’t stop him from starting several successful businesses in multiple companies that became 7-figure businesses.

Did I mention Pejman is a college dropout?

Today, Pejman comes on to the show to share his secrets and lessons from the struggles he had to overcome to be where he is today.

Listen closely to learn what makes this entrepreneur think different from the thousands of struggling businesses today, and his adventurous journey so far.


Key Takeaways from the Episode:

  • How Pejman made the leap from corporate life to entrepreneurship
  • Overcoming the inner bullshit voice in your head as a first-time entrepreneur
  • Why formal education may not be right for entrepreneurs
  • The importance of giving value, while creating profits
  • What Pejman is excited about for the future


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