Adam Braun: Leaving a Fortune 500 Company to Changing the World

pencils of promise

Adam Braun went on an adventure of his lifetime in his early twenties to realize his dream pursuit.

When he asked a little boy if he could have anything he ever wanted, the little boy responded with “a pencil.”

It forever changed Adam’s life, and Pencils of Promise was born.

Today, the PoP organization serves 300 schools around the world and a new one is being started every 90 hours.

In this exclusive live interview, Adam and I talk about his journey of leaving a Fortune 500 company to start a non-profit organization, what made him take the leap, and his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs today.

Plus, I ask him some unique questions that you guys are going to enjoy 🙂

Without further ado, Adam Braun.

“True Self-Discovery Starts at the End of Your Comfort Zone.” – Adam Braun 

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