Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

nothing worth having comes easy

Last month, I went through an experience that I’ll never forget.

Visiting one of the wonders of the world: Machu Picchu, taking part in the 4-Day Inca Trail hike through the eminent Andes mountains.

It involved going showerless for four days, camping outside in the mountains, and walking 30 miles in altitudes of 3,500 meters through the endless army of mosquitoes.

You’re probably thinking: that sounds awful. Why bother going through the struggle?

To be honest, at start of the trip — I thought it’d be a breeze.

It only took the first 10km of walking uphill to realize how wrong I was.
But above all, I understood the significance of undergoing the difficult journey to reach the destination.

machu picchu


Wherever we look in the media, there are stories of successful individuals rising up on a regular basis, often hiding the “unsexy” hardship, and struggles that came along with their success.
Without embracing the struggle stories of the success, there’s a lack of respect in the #hustle that happened for several years in the background. The overbearing failures, countless mistakes and the raw sweat & blood that went into each detail of the business is overshadowed by the final destination.

The journey is what the stories need to be focusing on.


Embark on a physical journey

The journey of ups and downs that entrepreneurs go through will inevitably happen whether we expect it or not. A powerful way to prepare yourself for this is to embark on a physical journey that will strengthen your mental grit and strength.

It’s often said that the greatest strength successful entrepreneurs have over those that fail is their ability to persevere. This persistency and resilience is solely a matter of having control over our own minds. The good news is that it can be taught and enhanced.

By embarking on a marathon, doing the inca trail, or another physical challenge that pushes you to your limits, you’re able to encapsulate the ups and downs that occur psychologically in a short span of time. Through this challenging experience, you’re able to overcome the voice in your brain that’s telling you to quit, and train yourself to persevere instead.

Going through the inca trail, there were countless moments that I wanted to stop walking. There was no sign of how much longer we’d have to walk, and the voice pounding in my head to stop walking was only becoming louder and louder.

This is the same adversary voice in our minds that arises when we’re facing any moment of hardship throughout our journey.

The reason why many athletes become successful entrepreneurs is the resiliency that have been built up over their athletic careers, which are now transferred into the business world. The competitive nature to win and ability to stretch beyond one’s limit are all necessary qualities to succeed.

We can all train and minds through physical challenges of the psychological barriers that will inevitably occur through our entrepreneur journey.


Nothing worth having comes easy

Have you ever had something handed to you without you having to work for it?
Did you also quickly lose appreciation for it once you achieved it?

This applies to every aspect in our lives: our career, business, relationships, and personal dreams. The more challenging a task is to earn, the more respect and reward we give it when we accomplish it.

It doesn’t mean that any goal that’s difficult to achieve is worth pursuing.
But it does mean that all goals worth pursuing are difficult to achieve.


Nothing worth having comes easy.

Take some time to evaluate your current goals, dreams, and destination in life.

Are you struggling in your journey, are there moments of doubts of fear?
Does your heart beat faster and faster just thinking about your mission?

Ask yourself if you’re dreaming big enough to appreciate your final destination once you arrive.

Anyone can make the decision to start.
The winners are the ones that decide to persevere.

Have you decided to start? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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