NomadicMatt on How to Travel the World on $50 USD a Day


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How would you like to travel the world on $50 USD a day? 

Matt Kepnes, founder of shares with us the secrets on how we can achieve that.

Matt is also a NYTimes best selling author and a travel expert, as he’s traveled around the world, and is  on a mission to help travelers explore the world on a budget.

But Matt wasn’t always a travel expert.

In 2005, Matt took an 18-month backpacking trip to Asia while completing his MBA in Boston.
It was then and there, where he fell in love with traveling, and looked to do everything he could to fund his travels.

A few years later: was created. Today, Matt travels around the world and makes his income through his online endeavors.

How did he do this? That’s what we discuss in today’s episode. Let’s dig in!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to travel the world on $50 USD a day
  • How Matt went from MBA student to full-time blogger to travel the world
  • What Matt’s daily routine looks like
  • How to balance travel and work at the same time
  • How to get over the fear of meeting new people when traveling
  • Matt’s personal favorite and worst countries
  • How to attract and work with tourism boards to travel the world for free
  • What are the steps Matt take when he’s planning his travels

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  • Thanks for sharing this great article.
  • Only $50 USD/day? Our 12-year average has been US $10/day/person including all the costs and we have been on the road all that time.

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