What Losing a $150M Taught Noah Kagan About Life, Success, and Happiness

Most of us would rather avoid losing something than gaining it.

Psychologists call this loss aversion, and studies show that losses are twice as powerful. We face more pain at the thought of losing $150 than gaining $150, right? Now imagine multiplying this loss by 1,000,000.

What was your first reaction?

Most people would say, nothing. That’s because losing $150M isn’t in the realm of possibility for 99.99% of us.

But this is exactly what happened with our guest, Noah Kagan. 

Noah was the #30 employee at a little-known company called Facebook, and his options would be worth well over $150M today. Except he was fired.

I’ve always believed that one’s true character is revealed during our most difficult moments, not when we’re thriving. It’s the alchemist who can transform a worthless metal into pure gold that we can learn from.

Noah not only overcame his mental depression, but he came back swinging harder than ever. Today, he runs a successful 8-figure business, travels the world as he runs it, and is quite the hilarious entertainer (a rare gem in the world of business)

In this interview, Noah and I cover tons of practical life and business practices. Highlights include how he overcame depression, daily routines & habits that had the biggest impacts on his personal happiness, his biggest lessons going from $0 to $100,000 then 7-figures to 8-figures, and oh so much more.

You’re going to laugh, be inspired, and have golden takeaways to le… Alright, enough chit chat.

Let’s get to the interview!

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Biggest takeaway lessons from this Episode

  • How Noah thinks about building his personal brand
  • How Noah dealt with depression after leaving Facebook (practical strategies for others included)
    • Focusing on the macro, not the micro
    • Questions he asks to gain new perspective about life
  • What matters more to Noah in life after building a successful business (how he defines success and how it has changed over time)
    • What happens after you actually make money? 
  • How Noah chooses his circle of friends and peers to maximize his time and happiness (and how it has changed in his thirties vs. his twenties)
    • The #1 metric Noah uses to curate who he spends time with
    • How he deals with people that reach out to him actively
  • How to connect and build relationships with influencers and mentors
    • The 1% rule
    • Dream 100 List
    • The #1 (and overlooked) tactic that helps Noah meet more people he wants to meet
  • Noah’s best tactics that took this business from:
    • $0 to $100,000
    • Then 7-figures to 8-figures
    • His simple business rules to accelerate growth in any company
  • What Noah believes that very few people agree with him on
  • The 20% of habits and activities that have the biggest impact on Noah’s personal happiness (The 80/20 Principle)


“Go make things that offer value to others and the by-product is that you’ll be known.” -Noah Kagan


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Noah’s Challenge to You After Listening To This Episode

“Text one person that loves you and ask ‘what’s one thing that you like about me?'”

For business: “Go help one customer. It will help you realize why you’re doing this.”

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