This Man Gave His Bucket List a Deadline. Here’s What Happened…

Many of us have a ‘bucket list’ that we’d like to check off before… you know.

The problem I’ve found with a bucket list is, humans are natural procrastinators. We hold off on some of the biggest desires in our lives until it’s too late to experience it.

Our guest today, Danny Dover, had a different approach.

After facing depression in 2010, he decided to make a dramatic shift in his life. He made the purpose of his life to complete 150+ items from what he calls the ‘Life List‘ by May 25th 2017.

His approach was simple: ‘What if you gave your bucket list a deadline?’

After tattooing his final deadline on his butt (true story), he set on his mission to complete every single activity on his list. Highlights include: visiting every single continent around the world, learning how to fly a plane, getting on a TV show for the first time, living in the wilderness alone for a month, and much more.

Danny’s outlandish mission helped his story get featured on New York Times, NPR, TIME, and he spoke at TEDx talking about his experience.

Below are some visual illustrations for your entertainment.

Losing 20 lbs and getting a six-pack


Going zero gravity at the Space Station


Learning how to fly a plane


Getting on a TV show for the first time


Living in the wilderness alone for 30 days


If you feel stalled or think there’s greater potential in your life, this episode will inspire you.

Danny breaks down in detail his step-by-step process of creating the list, the struggles that he went through, and the lessons he learned throughout this entire experience.

I found myself reevaluating my goals, thinking bigger, and feeling ecstatic after speaking with Danny, so I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did.

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Highlights of the Episode

  • The process of creating the goals he had on the Life List and important questions he asked himself
  • How Danny dealt with depression (and what happened when he decided to ask people about happiness)
  • Why asking the question: “what are your favorite stories from your life?” was the one question that changed Danny’s life (his words!)
  • What living in the wilderness alone for 30 days was like
  • Life lessons learned after being alone in the wilderness
  • Benefits of breaking out of your regular comfort zone
    • If you’re always hanging out with others, spending time alone (vice versa)
    • If your conversation is only about technology, have more conversations about art (vice versa)
    • Living in a different city or part of the world if you’ve been in one place for a while
    • Read what makes you feel uncomfortable (or what might contradict your beliefs)
  • Why being comfortable with the uncomfortable is something anyone can learn (and how it can change your life)
  • How focusing on the Life List and overcoming challenges helped Danny with forming long-term relationships in his life
  • The biggest misconception of travel and how society portrays it
  • How Danny lost 20 lbs and got six pack abs (Diet was more important than exercise)
  • The few skills Danny suggests you learn in life that will help improve every other aspect in your life
  • The #1 activity out of the 150 on the Life List that had the biggest impact on Danny
  • One activity on the list he would do repeatedly


Show Notes


Connect with Danny


Danny’s Challenge to You

“Ask yourself now and over a long period of time: ‘Why are you here?'”


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