Lewis Howes on Unmasking the Mask of Masculinity We Put On


Very excited to be sharing this interview with you today.

Lewis has an inspiring story that I think will resonate and inspire many of you reading this. If you haven’t heard of Lewis’s story, we’ll do a quick recap.

After a severe injury playing professional football, Lewis was sleeping on his sister’s couch at the age of 24. Through hustle, perseverance, and finding powerful mentors, Lewis did more than just bounce back.

He built a multi-million dollar business, hosts the top 50 podcast in the world, and is a New York Times Bestselling Author.

Honestly, I was surprised when Lewis told me that he was writing a book about vulnerability and helping men take off their mask of masculinity. From the years we’ve known each other, I’ve always found him to be genuine, kind, and transparent with his life. During the interview, I learned Lewis shares that there’s not just one type of mask we wear, and we must recognize which ones we’re putting on if we want to live a truly fulfilled life.

It’s something that I struggle with from time to time, as I’ve been taught that a man needs to remain stoic, despite all circumstances. I know many others that do as well, because this type of conversation rarely comes up within the male community. Until now.

Men listening to this will hear a unique perspective on how you can open up more to develop your inner confidence, understand what’s holding you back in life, and how you can overcome the fears you’re experiencing right now.

Women will be able to understand men in their lives better, and learn the tools to help them connect in a deeper way.

Hope you enjoy this conversation with Lewis, as much as I enjoyed speaking with him. x


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 Challenge to You

“Write a text (or call) someone you love in your life and acknowledge them for 3 things that they do well.”


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