How to Build Your Lean Startup Faster with Eric Ries



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If you’re interested in startups or an entrepreneur yourself, you’ve probably heard of Eric Ries.

After founding his company IMVU, a 3D virtual avatar community which is now doing over $55M per year, Eric noticed there’s a huge amount of inefficiency in how founder were building their businesses.

This lead to Eric writing The Lean Startup.

The Lean Startup is now an international movement, which includes conferences, workshops, and a community, with a mission to help thousands of entrepreneurs around the world build successful companies faster.

Today, Eric comes on the #SKIM Live show talk to us about the #1 mistake founders make when applying the lean principles, how to approach it instead, and Eric’s new upcoming book: The Leader’s Guide.

Ready to jump in when you are!

Highlights of the Episode:

  • #1 mistake when startup founders try to apply the lean startup approach into their businesses
  • Why Eric went from building multi-million dollar business to impacting millions of people
  • How Eric manages his day and what his normal routine looks like
  • What inspired Eric to write another book
  • Why he chose to solely fund his new book on Kickstarter applying the lean startup principles
  • The biggest fear that Eric has in his life
  • Announcing Eric’s new startup (link below)
  • The one tweet Eric would leave behind to his children and grandchildren as his legacy

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