Kelly Leveque on Living Longer, Working With Jessica Alba, and Body Love


“[Kelly’s approach] is not about rules, calorie counting, or bland, boring food… [she] gets it.” -Jessica Alba

Kelly Leveque is not your typical nutritionist.

Her firing curiosity of how the human body works have been deep-seated since her childhood days. From digging around the latest health research papers to sharing her nutritional knowledge whenever she could, even at an early age.

This kindling passion allowed her to overcome the hardship of starting her business, Be Well by Kelly, on the side, while working full-time at a demanding job. And even worked with her first 6 clients for free.

Today, Kelly works with some of the top celebrities and influencers in the world, including Jessica Alba, Chelsea Handler, Emmy Rossum, and Molly Sims.

In order: Molly Sims, Chelsea Handler, Kelly Leveque, Jessica Alba

In this episode, we go deep into how Kelly made the transition from full-time employee to full-time business owner, how she landed Jessica Alba as her client, nutritional advice she gives to her own clients, and health tips to live longer, better, and with more energy.

Hope you enjoy this episode with Kelly, as much as I enjoyed speaking with her.

Highlights of the Episode

Part 1: Beginnings of Kelly’s journey to becoming a Celebrity Health Coach

  • The transition Kelly took from leaving her stable corporate job to going full-time on Be Well By Kelly.
  • How Kelly got Jessica Alba as her client
  • Why saying ‘Yes’ to opportunities and removing the ego in the beginnings of building her business was so critical to her success


Part 2: Nutrition Advice

  • Kelly walks us through step-by-step what she would do if you were meeting for the first time as a prospective client
  • The most common thing Kelly finds that people misunderstand about their own nutrition
  • The reason why you crash in the mid-afternoon and start craving sugar (and what you need to eat for breakfast to prevent that crash)
  • For those that wish to live longer: why eating 2-3 meals a day is better than 5-6x
  • Creative ways to have more protein during your morning to gain more energy, focus, and avoid cravings
  • How using MCT oil in your coffee can further sustain your energy throughout the day
  • Why protein, fiber, greens, and fat are the four main ingredients that Kelly uses with all her clients (and why you should too)
  • The fact about carbohydrates that the food industry doesn’t want you to know about
  • Kelly shares the critical importance of taking care of your gut health (future of nutrition)
  • If you’ve ever felt hunger cravings in the mid-afternoon or when you’re stressed out, Kelly shares the best foods you can eat/bring with you during the day
  • Protein bars that Kelly recommends you have
    • how much carbohydrate, protein, and fat you should look for in an ideal protein bar
  • We discuss the controversy of saturated fat and why butter can be good for you


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Kelly’s Challenge to You

“Sweat and sip. Do a 30-minute work out when you wake up (before eating), and drink a healthy smoothie after.”
This will set you up for the rest of the day, including avoiding junk food.
Refer to Fab 4 Smoothie above.


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