Kaia Roman on The Proven Steps to Lead a Happier Life That Lasts


Much like some of you, when I hear the word ‘happiness’ in a book, it feels ‘fluffy’ to me. But I had a different experience with Kaia.

In this episode, Kaia Roman shares research-backed tactics on how to lead a happier life that’s actually sustainable. As you’ll hear in the conversation, she brought research-backed studies and facts to the table, including some lessons in human evolution. Coming from the world of entrepreneurship, I also felt compelled to shine a light on this topic, as I feel the issues of ‘depression’ and ‘loneliness’ is something that’s rarely talked about.

It’s always about the hustle, the grind, and getting things done. But how is any of this sustainable unless we’re taking care of our mental health?

For any of you listening that have a big vision to do and be something great — I can say from personal experience that it’s going to be a long road ahead. And I’m still just beginning my journey. What I do know is that it’s usually not the smartest or the most talented people that make it to the other side, it’s the ones who have the most persistence and endurance.

I hope you enjoy this episode with Kaia, and more importantly — I hope you take action on the actionable strategies she provides in our conversation.

Enjoy x

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Highlights of the Episode

  • Over 30% of entrepreneurs face depression today. We talk about what the most common reasons are (and what to do about it)
  • Why some entrepreneurs have a tendency to associate struggle with lack of progress
  • How to take advantage of tasks you do on a regular basis to trigger momentary happiness
  • How males perceive happiness and joy differently than females
  • The differences between ‘happiness’ and ‘joy’ (and they are SCIENTIFICALLY different)
  • What human evolution has to do with our mental health and neurochemistry
  • Breathing techniques: the proper ways to breathe to get the most amount of oxygen in our brain and body
  • Uncluttering your social media feed to control your environment (anyone can do this today)
  • Why the argument of ‘genetically wired to be unhappy’ is flawed (and evidence to show why happiness can be trained)
  • 30-day joy challenge that you can participate in


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 Challenge to You

“Write down 3 things that you’re grateful for, and tell someone today.”


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