How to Reverse Your Limiting Beliefs About Money with Jen Sincero

“You are a victim of the rules you live by.” -Jen Sincero

One of the most controversial topics in our society today is around: Money.

In certain cultures, it’s more taboo than sex, religion, or politics. 

The mission of this podcast is to have an honest conversation about vital topics that aren’t being talked about in the traditional media to reach your full potential. And that often means getting uncomfortable

This episode about money and limiting beliefs is no different. 

Our guest today is Jen Sincero, who’s the #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life. 

The book has sold over a million copies and is available in over twenty languages, as it only garners more popularity around the globe.


In this episode, we talk about why money is such a taboo topic in our society, how to reverse the limiting beliefs about money that we’ve been taught (most of us at an early age), an inside look at the controversial ‘life coaching’ industry, and much more.

Hope you enjoy this conversation with Jen.

“Money doesn’t change you. It only exposes more of who you are.”


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Highlights of the Episode

  • The limiting beliefs we’ve been taught about money and wealth (including what our parents taught us) [7:50]
  • Why money is such a taboo topic in today’s society [8:50]
  • How Jen shifted (and reversed) her limiting beliefs about money and what it means to her [12:15]
  • Why being uncomfortable is the key to changing your financial life [16:50]
  • Instead of saying ‘I couldn’t afford it’, ‘I’m going to figure out how’ [17:50]
  • How hiring a business coach changed the outlook of Jen’s financial path [18:30]
  • What Jen’s life coach helped Jen with that she wasn’t doing before (and the one exercise Jen recommends you do immediately) [19:30]
  • How do you distinguish from a credible coach that can truly make an impact versus someone that’s not experienced [23:30]
  • How to talk about money with your closest friends and family members [34:00]
  • Curating a more supportive circle of people that is aligned with your vision [38:40]
  • and more!


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Jen’s Challenge to You

“Find something that scares the living crap out of you that would move you in the direction of your goals. Go out and do it now.”


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