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simple pickup

If you’ve spent some time browsing around Youtube, you’ve probably heard of Simple Pickup.

The channel that started with 3 random guys in their early twenties, going up to random girls on the streets. They’re well-known for their incredibly original and out-of-the-box skits, such as being on wheelchairs, dressing up as harry potter, and wearing fat suits.

It may not have such a glamarous nor prestigious allure at first glance, especially given how the three of the original founders of Simple Pickup met on an online dating forum (more on that later). But you can’t ignore the success they’ve achieved in the last four years alone.

Boasting over 2.3M subscribers on Youtube, Simple Pickup has become one of the top Entertainment Channels on Youtube, with cover stories on major outlets including ABC News. Given their success, they have gone on to found Jumpcut Studios, which supports other fast-growing Youtube channels looking to achieve the success Simple Pickup has.

The story starts with Kong Pham, the CEO of Jumpcut Studios, who claims to have had no social skills nor a social life growing up as a teenager. Like any socially struggling teenager, Kong went online to dating forums, which is where he met his partners Jesse and Jason. The rest is history.

With the mission to help all young men overcome their fears of rejection, increase their confidence, and become their best self, Kong believes that anyone can learn to get what they want.

In this exciting (and hilarious) interview, Kong and I go deep on fear, confidence, relationships, psychedelic drugs, creativity, psychology, and entrepreneurship.

We also unreveal the backstage curtains and take a step inside what’s happening at Jumpcut Studios, sharing what Simple Pickup has done to build a multi-million fanbase, how they come up with their wacky, viral video ideas, and what you can do to build buzz, exposure, and virality for anything you want to promote.

p.s – we’ve partnered up with Simple Pickup to give away some prizes to lucky winners.

Here’s how you can enter:

1. Listen to the episode with Kong (during the end of the interview, Kong will ask a question to the audience)
2. Answer the question in the comments section below
3. We’ll pick 3 winners with the best answer, and send the prize your way!

Prizes you can choose from (Winners can choose one of these)

1. Free Ebook: How to improve your dating game online (Value: ~$20)
(i.e. Instagram, Couchsurfing, OKCupid, and more)

2. Access to Project Go (Value: ~$500/year)

3. Simple Mixology (Value: $97)


Favorite Guest Quotes of the Episode

  • “At some point, you just have to go for it.” Click here to tweet
  • “Surrounding yourself with people who make you better is the best investment you can make.” Click here to tweet
  • “If you live a life you truly enjoy living, you’re going to want to share that with other people.” Click here to tweet
  • “Don’t make any decisions based on escaping reality.” Click here to tweet
  • “Big ideas come from many small ideas throughout time coming together.” Click here to tweet
  • “The best advice I have for people wanting to build an audience is to be polarizing.” Click here to tweet
  • The people who love you are 10x more valuable than the people who hate you.” Click here to tweet
  • “Act the way you want other people to act.” Click here to tweet

Highlights You’ll Want to Listen to

  • How Kong started Simple Pickup and how he met his partners on online forums
  • Why picking up girls have so much to do with business, life, and relationships
  • How to keep a conversation going with anyone
  • Why it’s dangerous to consume information without taking action
  • Avoiding analysis paralysis to take more action
  • How to design a lifestyle full of experiences and stories
  • Using psychedelic drugs to enhance your creativity and experiences
  • The creative process Simple Pickup goes through to come up with new ideas
  • The power of starting your business on the side and how to do it
  • When to quit your passion project and when to persist
  • How to build your own audience from scratch
  • Balancing your diverse identity as an influencer
  • How to lead by example as a leader

Links Mentioned in the Episode

Topics Discussed

  • Analysis paralysis
  • Confidence
  • Conversation skills
  • Finding what you love
  • Creative process
  • Psychedelic drugs
  • Pick up artists
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Persistence
  • Polarization

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  • Josh Levitan
    My favorite lesson from the past couple years is to embrace my innate curiosity (read: inner child). A few years ago I started working at a prestigious company and thought I had to be very serious and intense to be successful. I was enjoying the experience but not as much as I thought I could. I couldn't pinpoint why. Finally, I read "Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman?", a semi-autobiographical book on Richard Feynman's life (Nobel prize, worked on first nuclear bomb, Caltech professor, mischief aficionado). I was struck hard by his powerful curiosity and all the incredible adventures it led him on from joining a Samba band in Brazil to becoming an artist in his old age. It reminded me that I have that curiosity in my DNA, and since I've allowed myself to re-embrace it I've had a lot more fun AND been more effective in my career.

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