How to Stop Worrying and Building an Adventurous Lifestyle


“I wish I could travel around the world more…”
“I would love to start my own business… one day”
“What will people think think if I fail?…”

Does this sound like you at all?

Everyday we’re faced with small to big decisions that we make, which determines what direction in life we head towards.

Most of the time we don’t realize we’re making these decisions because they are so incremental that it’s often done subconsciously.

According to our guest today, Tyler Tervooren, these small decisions accumulate to make up the quality of our lives, such as the decisions we make, how much risk we’re willing to take, and even how much confidence we have.

Tyler is a fascinating individual, which is one of the many reasons why I wanted him to come on the show. He has started 7 businesses, traveled to 20 countries, and has ran a marathon in every continent around the world (including Antarctica!).

In this interview, Tyler explains the beginnings of his journey, and how he went about designing an adventurous lifestyle for himself, while inspiring thousands of individuals along the way.

This episode was a free-flowing experience, as we had more and more interesting topics that came up as we spoke.

We get deep into topics that are rarely discussed, such as why people are afraid of failure and how to get over that fear, how to stop worrying about what other people think, and ways to take smarter risks that minimizes the downside.

Ready to dig in?

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Highlights of the Episode

  • How Tyler went from getting fired to building a global community of risk takers and adventurers
  • The story behind how he ran a marathon in every single continent, including Antarctica (hilarious story)
  • The importance of taking risks and how it affects our lives
  • When it’s okay to be risk-averse in life and when to take risks
  • Why you should design your lifestyle to how you want to live & how to do it
  • How to know which risks we should take in life, and which we should avoid at all cost
  • How to model someone that’s achieved success, while avoiding the copycat syndrome
  • How to stop worrying about what other people think
  • The stages of overcoming fear, and why it’s crucial to know which stage you’re at
  • Training yourself to be more comfortable being uncomfortable

Links Mentioned in the Episode

Tyler’s Challenge to #Growers

“Prove something to yourself, not for the consent of others.”

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  • I completely agree that risk-taking is essential for living a life that matters. Without risk there isn't adventure! Running a marathon on every continent is pretty impressive. Love your podcast.
    • Sean Kim
      well said! really appreciate that :) looking forward to speaking soon!

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