How to Overcome Your Fears, Silence Your Critics, and Steal the Show

michael port

Have you ever met someone who naturally owns the room and impacts those who surround them, no matter where they go?

Michael Port is one of those people, and in today’s show he reveals to us a secret about this seemingly natural ability of his to overcome his fears and steal the show.

His ability to change his circumstances, including the way people behave around him, is not by chance; rather it comes from a discovery that he made years ago.

Michael tells us how we can morph into different characters according to the unique situations that we may find ourselves in. Most importantly, he shows us how to do so authentically, by not changing our values in the process.

Over time we tend to create a box for ourselves by accepting only certain elements of our character. Michael explains to us how exploring the different parts of our personality is the key to changing the way people perceive us—we don’t have to leave it to chance.

In his own life, Michael has never limited himself to being just one thing. He started out as an actor and later transformed into an entrepreneur, author, business and marketing expert, and professional speaker. He has written six exceptional books and is the host of the most popular public speaking podcast: Steal The Show with Michael Port. He is a true example of someone who has created their own success in life and in today’s podcast, he shows us how we can do the same.

What you’ll learn

  • A different approach to expressing gratitude towards your audience (whether it be one person or a room of 1000.)
  • The two types of critics and how to silence them.
  • How to influence the dynamic between yourself and others.
  • How to change the way people perceive us through our physiology.
  • How to avoid being nervous before giving a speech.
  • A strategy you can use to influence people to agree with you.

Topics Discussed

  • Public Speaking
  • Self Esteem
  • Personality Development
  • Body language

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Over to you

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What is the number one fear that is stopping you from crushing your fears?
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