How to Network with Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg, and Meet Anyone You Want

gillian zoe segal

What if you could meet anyone you want in the world?

How would that change your life? Who would you want to meet?

These are the questions our guest Gillian Zoe Segal asked herself before she started her journey to connect in-person with 30 of the most successful leaders in their respective industries.

Names include: Warren Buffett, Anderson Cooper, Michael Bloomberg, Sara Blakely, and Frank Gehry.

While the premise of the book is about mentorship, the background of her 5-year journey to meet the most powerful people in the world is what’s captivating.

How did she initially contact them?
How did she overcome the rejections?
How did she turn her 10-minute meeting with Warren Buffet into a 60-minute meeting?

These are the questions we answer in this interview, as Gillian unveils the backstage curtains of her networking operation, and shares some of her best kept strategies and tactics on how to network with the most powerful people in the world.

This interview is for you if you’re looking:

    • for a powerful mentor
    • for investors, advisors, or partners for your business
    • for incredible interview guests for your platform,
    • to build a network of people who are more successful than you

Enjoy the episode!

What You’ll Learn

  • The 2 single biggest traits that the greatest minds have to set them apart?
  • How to look at Death in order to maximize your quality of life
  • How to network and build relationships with the most successful icons in the world including Warren Buffett, Anderson Cooper, Frank Gehry, Sara Blakely, and more.
  • How to pass the gatekeepers to connect with the high profile person you want when networking
  • What the most common rejection you will hear and how to overcome it
  • The proper way to follow-up when someone does not reply to your request or message
  • How long you should wait before you follow up
  • How to format your email request to increase your chances of getting a response and a yes (everyone needs to hear this)
  • How to approach and connect with a mentor that you don’t have a previous relationship with
  • Step by step story of how Gillian got in touch with Warren Buffett
  • How Gillian extended her original 10-minute meeting with Warren Buffet to a 60 minute meeting
  • Fostering the relationship you’ve built after connecting with people

People Mentioned

Tweetable Quotes

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  • “Someone should tell us from the moment we’re born, that we’re dying.”
  • “When you’re passionate about something, you’ll do just about anything to make it happen.”
  • “Don’t take a no from someone who can’t give you a yes.”
  • “Nobody owes you anything.”
  • “When it comes to networking, take whatever you can get. Just get yourself in the door.”
  • “If you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough.”

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