How to Achieve All Your Life Goals

life goals

“Read this book, learn this topic, apply for this company…”

There’s endless information shoved at us to help us achieve “success.”

Hell, we’re all guilty for thinking that with a few right decisions, that success will simply land in our laps. But few of us are talking about the #1 factor that will help us achieve our life goals.

Raising your standards.

When we were little, our parents told us that we could be anything we ever wanted to be. From becoming President, an all-star athlete, to a Nobel Prize scientist. The sky was the limit, and we truly believed this — at one point.

Then we grew up…

We confined to what our formal education system was telling us.
Get a job that is well-respected in society’s definition of respect. Those in the media were put on a pedestal making us believe it’s impossible to live the kind of lives they do because they appeared on a screen we all stared at. And because of this, the closest and most dearing people around us also clung onto these same beliefs.

We underestimate the power of our own mind, and it’s these psychological barriers that lead to most of our unhappiness. From the career path we choose, the financial success we have, and the happiness we feel in our lives. We are our biggest enemies. Everything in our life is a direct reflection of the standard we hold for ourselves and the people around us.

It’s time to raise our damn standards.

Raising our standards doesn’t just mean dreaming the biggest life goals possible hoping that it will come one day.

The first step starts being self-aware of the current limiting beliefs we have developed unconsciously throughout our lives and breaking through these initial barriers. Instead of telling ourselves “that can’t be me…” the most powerful question we can ask ourselves is “why can’t that be me?”

Now take a step back and look at your current life.

Look around the people you hang around with, the career you’re headed towards, and the daily life you live. Know that you’re meant for more, whether it’s a deeper connection with the people you love or choosing a different career path than the one you’re on. Whatever it may be, remind yourself that you deserve better, you deserve more. Demand it.

This single belief will conquer any books you read, or how “badly” you want to achieve your life goals. When we believe to the core of our body and mind that something is not meeting our expectations, we’ll move mountains until it does. The human mind is already powerful, we’re just not using it to its full capacity.

Raising your standards can be one of the best things you can do to get what you want in life. Because once you raise your standards — you’ll never go back.

There’s no one in the world but yourself to convince you that you deserve better. Take responsibility for the standards you hold and take control of your own life by raising your standards.

Demand it. 


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