Getting to a Billion and Taking on Goliaths – Anthony Lacavera


Anthony Lacavera (@AnthonyLacavera) is the founder and former CEO of Wind Mobile (now Freedom mobile), with over 1M subscribers across Canada. He’s also the Chairman of the Globalive Group (parent company of Wind), a venture capitalist, and author of How We Can Win.

In 2015, he sold his company to Shaw Communications for a cool $1.3 billion (USD).

But despite the financial success, he calls it a failure.

In this episode we uncover why, on top of Anthony’s thinking process when he first sets out to build a big business, his advice to new and ambitious entrepreneurs that want to build something that lasts, what to look for in business partners/investors, and much more.

Hope you enjoy the conversation and tweet Anthony @AnthonyLacavera to share some love.

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