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Stop Waiting for the Perfect Fucking Moment

The Perfect Moment. It’s that moment we all hope will come one day, but never will. There is no perfect fucking moment. Too many of us miss out on the best opportunities right in front of us, because of this “perfection” mindset. “I need more information before making a decision…” “Maybe there’s someone better out […]
Michael Strasner

How to Conquer Fear, Create a Massive Vision, and Live To Your Full Potential

You may have a massive vision for your future, but something is holding you back. As you daydream about a life full of passionate work, amazing experiences, and wonderful people, a nagging voice in your head tells you to snap back to reality. Michael Strasner, a personal and professional coach for the past three decades […]
chase jarvis

Chase Jarvis on Increasing Creativity, Life Transitions, and Doing Work You Love

We all go through various transitions in our careers and our lives. Some are small such as moving to a new city, and some are life-changing such as changing your entire career. If there’s anyone I’ve met who has experienced more transitions in their lives, it’s our guest today: Chase Jarvis. After getting a B.A in […]
live your life

How to Find and Live Your Life with Purpose

Not too long ago, I remember waking up at 7am every morning to brew my coffee and make breakfast. I would take the same walk route to work, do the same repetitive tasks during work, and do it all over again the next day. Then the same thing happened the next day. And again the day […]