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How You Can Build a Massive Audience From Scratch [Plus Giveaway]

If you’ve spent some time browsing around Youtube, you’ve probably heard of Simple Pickup. The channel that started with 3 random guys in their early twenties, going up to random girls on the streets. They’re well-known for their incredibly original and out-of-the-box skits, such as being on wheelchairs, dressing up as harry potter, and wearing […]

How to Stop Worrying and Building an Adventurous Lifestyle

“I wish I could travel around the world more…” “I would love to start my own business… one day” “What will people think think if I fail?…” Does this sound like you at all? Everyday we’re faced with small to big decisions that we make, which determines what direction in life we head towards. Most […]

How to Travel the World and Build Your Startup

It’s not everyday you see an entrepreneur who is able to achieve two dream lifestyles at the same time. In Jay’s case, it was to start his business and travel the world. As skeptical as I was at first, Jay makes a great point about the benefits of living abroad while running a startup. I’ll […]
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3 Reasons to Travel The World While You’re Young

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” —Augustine of Hippo   The other night, I had a conversation with a young lady who had a number of decisions ahead of her, which included whether she should go to grad school or travel the world. I told her […]
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