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What Losing a $150M Taught Noah Kagan About Life, Success, and Happiness

Most of us would rather avoid losing something than gaining it. Psychologists call this loss aversion, and studies show that losses are twice as powerful. We face more pain at the thought of losing $150 than gaining $150, right? Now imagine multiplying this loss by 1,000,000. What was your first reaction? Most people would say, […]

How to Accelerate Success By Breaking Conventional Rules – Shane Snow

We’ve all heard the overnight success stories that popped out of nowhere. Why is it that some people struggle for years to get to a level of success, while a few individuals can climb straight to the top in mere months? This is what our guest, Shane Snow, is here to reveal today. Shane is […]
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How to Turn Your Podcast into an 8-Figure Business

Subscribe to #SKIMLive on iTunes Subscribe to #SKIMLive on Stitcher Everywhere we see in the media, we hear of young teenagers who raised millions of dollars overnight or have sold their app for even more. This isn’t another fairy tale story. The story our guest today, Jordan Harbinger, tracks back to a humble beginning and […]
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Awesome List of Free Stuff for Entrepreneurs

Love free stuff? Me too. Especially when it helps me focus better as an entrepreneur.This is why when I saw this post written by Ali Mese, I had to share the list with you guys. It’s a complete list of free stuff for creators, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking for an edge in their work. Enjoy! […]