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grow your traffic

How to Double Your Blog Traffic and Email List [Free Course]

This week I’m inviting you to join my 15-day course on the best tactics and strategies around growth blogging. The course shows you step-by-step actions to lay down the most important foundations, how to grow your traffic, hacks to double your email list, how to create a full-time income from your platform, and much more. I’ve […]
how to overcome haters

How Timothy Sykes Deals With Negative People In His Business

Do you have negative people in your life or business? I sure do. In fact, haters can be an asset if you know how to prove them wrong. This is exactly what Tim did.Timothy Sykes is on the show with us today to talk about his experience of having to deal with haters in a […]

How to Tell Your Story Online

Being interesting isn’t just about learning how to become a good conversationalist. You need stories to tell. I realized it early in life. In every job and at every stage of my life I had unique content that gave me an edge, and eventually propelled me ahead of the pack. You need to offer your network […]
personal branding

Dan Schawbel on Personal Branding and How to Brand Yourself

In the rising realm of social media and the increasing irrelevance of resumes, personal branding online is essential to stand out and succeed professionally. But how do we build our brand, while instilling value, loyalty and most importantly trust with our audience? To get deeper into the topic, I spoke with Dan Schawbel, who is a Managing Partner of […]