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What Losing a $150M Taught Noah Kagan About Life, Success, and Happiness

Most of us would rather avoid losing something than gaining it. Psychologists call this loss aversion, and studies show that losses are twice as powerful. We face more pain at the thought of losing $150 than gaining $150, right? Now imagine multiplying this loss by 1,000,000. What was your first reaction? Most people would say, […]
tucker max

Tucker Max on How to Write a Best Seller Book That Gets Read By Millions

I’ve learned a lot from the 20 amazing guests we’ve had on the show so far. The most successful people seem to be the ones who don’t shy away from failure, aren’t afraid to do what they love, and strive for continuous growth, no matter how successful they become. Tucker Max, author of New York Times’ #1 […]
simple pickup

How You Can Build a Massive Audience From Scratch [Plus Giveaway]

If you’ve spent some time browsing around Youtube, you’ve probably heard of Simple Pickup. The channel that started with 3 random guys in their early twenties, going up to random girls on the streets. They’re well-known for their incredibly original and out-of-the-box skits, such as being on wheelchairs, dressing up as harry potter, and wearing […]
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