“It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves — in finding themselves.”  — Andre Gide

This week I decided to try something different and upload my first Youtube video compiling clips of my travel in the past 5 months.

It’s titled: Adventure. Enjoy the piece I wrote before watching the video!

Adventure is realizing that life has more to offer than the environment you reside in. The ability to look to your left and your right, and breathe in the wonders of the world. It’s the serendipity moments of escaping your comfort zone without a hint of knowledge what would come from taking the leap.

Adventure is not dictated to climbing the steepest mountains or jumping off the highest buildings. It’s connecting with what nature has to offer and communicating with the living species around us. Adventure is diving head first into the diverse cultures that exist, and seeing the world as friends not strangers.

Adventure is an experience that is always beginning, never ending. It’s the realization you have at the end of the night that you never want it to finish, so you let it continue. You continue your search for the next experience, because it’s what feels right. Whether it’s embracing a part of the world that you’ve never seen before in ground level, or jumping on a plane to observe the world from another viewpoint.

Adventure is what drives us, it’s what makes us human, and it’s living life on your own terms. Adventure is feeling excited when you can sense your heart beating faster and faster. It’s beginning your journey with a question, and coming back with more questions than you started off with.

Adventure is not a dream to be imagined, you have to seize it unapolegetically because it takes grit and risk.

Adventure is living in the moment and this moment alone.

This is my adventure. What’s yours?

“Dream. Explore. Discover.”


Let me know what you thought of the video and if you’d like to see more videos, make sure you subscribe to my new Youtube Channel!

Until next time #growers.



  • Cristina
    Yes, adventure is that and even more. It is such a satisfaction when you realize you are too small and this world is too big.. It is like you want to eat the whole world very slowly.. Taste every single place.. Live every moment twice.. It was a pleasure to be part of your adventure, Sean.. P.S: Do you want to play "Marco Polo" again? :D
  • Thanks Cristina, I'd love to play Marco Polo again with you guys again :) Feel free to connect with me on Facebook!
    • Cristina
      I will.. Promise! Have a very good week :)

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